World’s first space hotel to host you in 2025

World's first space hotel

Have you travelled all seven continents and 195 countries? Are you falling short of places to go on a trip? Are you done with all adventure activities like sky diving or cliff jumping? Afraid the Earth is falling short for you?

Worry no more, Good news is here!!!!!

The Gateway Foundation, the institution that built the first spaceport is now breaking all bounds of our wanderlust and is building the very first space hotel at the Von Braun Station. It will be the world’s first-ever space hotel and is said to be completed by 2025. Breaking all the dreams we ever heard of travelling the whole Earth now we can look at our motherland from the balcony of this hotel.

World's first space hotel

Inspired by the ideas of Wernher von Braun, this space station will be the same like International Space Station, the only difference will be the 190-meter diameter wheel that creates a gravitational force similar to the moon.  

space hotel

There will be around 24 individual modules that will be similar to luxury hotels with all life support systems and all basic facilities. There will also be a restaurant, bar, cinemas, etc.

They have planned to accommodate 100 guests per week when the hotel goes live.

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