What to do when you are hit by a cyclone while traveling

The first thing to do is stay put instead of trying to escape that place, it might seem a good idea at the time but it is actually not because being stuck in a hotel room you are much safer than stuck in a train or bus. I have seen storms so strong that even buses are flying. Wait for the storm to pass and then you can start your journey home. There goes the saying better late than never.

Pointers for before the storm:
  1. Don’t panic it will do you no good.
  2. Stay updated with the news when the storm is gonna hit and listen to what locals say but don’t be too alarmed. Sometimes people do actually exaggerate.
  3. Keep a stock of foods like bread and fruits with you and also sufficient water bottles.
  4. Keep your phone charged and your power banks too.
  5. Have some hard cash with you.
  6. Talk to your near and dear ones and keep them informed of your situation.
  7. Note down the address and contact information of the nearest hospital and also the relief centers. Any information about your further journey can be received from them.
  8. Take out some cash beforehand so that in case ATM doesn’t work you won’t suffer.
  9. Keep sufficient drinking water bottles with you as there can be water shortage.
Pointers for during the storm :
  1. Stay indoors and keep the doors and windows locked.
  2. Stay away from glass windows because there are chances of glass being shattered.
  3. If there are trees near your place of stay then its better to stay out the line of action anticipating the line of the tree’s fall.
  4. Stay away from electric appliances and switch them off.
Pointers for after the storm :
  1. If you are injured do a quick first aid and go to the nearest hospital.
  2. Access the safety of the place and then go out.
  3. Beware of loose wires lying on the streets and avoid them at all cost.
  4. There is a huge chance of power outage so don’t waste the battery of your phones.
  5. Network issues will be there so look up for helpline centers to contact your people or get any information.
  6. Drink only filtered water, rest may be contaminated.
  7. Watch out for loose trees or structures that may fall out.
  8. Use disposable plates as there will be a shortage of clean water.

Be patient, transport and communication will be fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime you can help people in need, you will have a closer look at the place and learn about the culture. Isn’t this what traveling and exploring new places is about?

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