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Wagha Attari Border Ceremony

Wagha Border Ceremony is one of a kind and it is a must experience for every Indian and even foreigner coming to visit India. The purpose of the Wagha Border ceremony is to formally close the border gates for the night.

After the Pulwama attack, our patriotism was at its heights and so we decided to go to Wagha. At around 2 pm we started from Amritsar in auto and were praying the whole way for some seats to be left in the gallery as we knew about the crowd that gathers for the ceremony.

The best thing about this journey is the farms alongside the road. Anywhere you go in Punjab you can find this greenery and it’s very pretty. So finally we reached at around 3.15 pm. We kept our bags in a storage locker for Rs 50 and took a nice photo of the number plate of the auto so that we could find it while we return (You should also do this as there are jammers at the place and you may not be able to call the driver and the parking place is little far away).

 Wagha Border Ceremony

Finally, we were in the queue of security check and then I saw artists painting Indian flags on the cheeks of some guys for just Rs 10 and so we decided to do it too. It seemed kind of patriotic and cool too.

So began the long journey to the gallery

While standing in the queue I saw a shorter line and by asking around I found out about VIP passes. I decided the next time will get me some VIP treatment too.

After a lot of struggle in the crowds, sweating like rainfall under the sun and walking in the speed of tortoise we got some good seats.

The crowds in the gallery

The gallery was completely filled, there wasn’t even place for an ant and then I saw the gallery on Pakistan side was scarcely filled and I have a good smile. So the ceremony started with the beating of drums and a tall man dressed in the BSF uniform started welcoming us to the ceremony and begun the program by inviting all the women in the gallery to dance.

And the first song was none other than Rang de Basanti and after giving a good tease to the guys of our group we went on to dance. We danced for nearly half an hour to various patriotic songs and it felt amazing.

The parade begins

The parade begins by opening the heavy gates of both India and Pakistan. The very tall soldiers dressed in their uniforms with very colorful turbans come to the border and exchange fierce angry looks. The women soldiers stand nearest to the border.

They started to do some really amazing parade moves and the anchor was very enthusiastic, he kept the patriotism alive in the entire ceremony by keeping us engaged and explaining everything in details.

We were very much shocked of the way the soldiers marched, they walked so fast and when their feet were rising as high to their forehead. There was this man with a very long mustache who made the parade howl and could hold his voice for more than two minutes.

Simultaneously on Pakistan side, their soldiers were doing the parade in their own style. There was also a howling session which was kind of a competition between Indian and Pakistanis in the gallery about whose howl is louder and it was obviously ours. In the end, the soldiers shook their hands and the flags of both countries are lowered together. The crowd started to disperse slowly and we returned back and went to Amritsar to see the golden temple.


It cost us just Rs 300 as we were a huge group. To know the quick facts and details of the Wagha Border Ceremony follow this link.

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