This Women’s day go for solo travel to a place you have never been before and here’s why???

Women Solo Travel
What is Solo travel?

Solo travel has been the hot topic of the wanderlust world. It is all about exploring a new place alone, you become your own travel expert, you choose where to stay, what to eat, what to see and lots more. It’s like the definition of being independent.

Why choose Solo travel?

Solo travel gives you a sense of freedom, and independence that nothing else can. You can really live in the moment and you are not bound to others, if you want to just laze around on the beach you can do that, sleep the whole day in a cozy hut or just spent hours at the museum you are free to choose and plan your day.

Women Solo Travel

Solo travel lets you see nature up close, talk to the locals, meet people from all around the world, bunk with strangers and share a beer. And the best thing about solo travel is you can be spontaneous, you can just plan at the last minute, book a bus, a hostel and go on your merry way. It is said that the best way to learn things is by experimenting with them, solo travel is a great way to boost your confidence, to judge your environment, people and most importantly how to keep yourself safe.

Solo travel tips for women

Solo travel for women can be a bit difficult and scary when it’s your first time, so here are a few pointers for you to make your solo trip exciting but still safe.

  • Always try to travel during the day, if you are traveling during the night make sure to bookings from trusted websites only, check for reviews and if possible share lives location to some family member via Whats App. Try to book personal cabins that can be locked for night travel.
  • Keep your phones always charged and have power banks too. Always turn your location on and be active in social media. There are several Facebook groups where you can post your current whereabouts, ask for suggestions and if you are lucky you can find like-minded people to explore the place with.
  • Be confident, act like you know what you are doing. It is an important thing as if you appear scary and weird it gives the wrong signals to people, they might take advantage of you.
  • Always use public transportation to go around, don’t stay out late at least not until you get an overall idea of the surroundings and the place if there is a good and safe crowd to hang out with. Avoid places that seem shady, stick to the crowds basically trust your gut. If you feel something is wrong then it must be.
  • Keep emergency contact numbers of the local police station handy. Also, keep contacts of the manager and staff of the hotel or hostel where you are staying, it might come handy.
  • Don’t accept food or water from total strangers, check them out first if they are drinking from the same bottle then it’s okay to share. If you are going to a club, pub or bar drink just go enjoy the vibe, don’t get drunk.
  • Keep track of your possessions. Keep cash in two separate purses and some on hand too. Keep your bags close to you.
  • Research Research and Research. Before going to a place Google is your best friend. Get the layout of the place, what places you want to visit, learn a few words in the native language, check your best places to stay, about the public transportation and anything and everything about the place. Also, learn about the basic scams of a place and avoid being ripped off.
  • Respect the local culture, dress like the locals and talk to them they can be very helpful to you.
  • Carry pepper spray, a concealed weapon like a pocket knife, personal safety alarm, flashlight, luggage locks.
Solo Travel Women

Solo travel can be scary at times but remember to enjoy it and have fun with the newfound solitude and perspective. Never feel lonely, trust me you make a lot of friends along the way. All in all, every woman must travel solo at least once and explore her other side. 

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