This Raksha Bandhan gift your sister a trip

Raksha Bandhan is a holy Indian festival where a sister ties her brother a rakhi as a sign of love and affection. It has always been customary for brothers to gift their sisters, as a token of love. Every year I am sure you would wonder, spending a lot of time finding the perfect gift for your sisters. This year why not think something different and give your sister the best surprise she could ask for, gift her a trip.

People are different so I am making various categories for you to decide which place would be best suited for her to take her on a trip.

The history-loving sister
Raksha Bandhan

Without a doubt, Hampi is your destination. Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with a rich history and ruins of temple Vijayanagara empire.

How to reach Hampi?

The nearest airport is Bangalore airport. Hampi is around 350 km away. You can easily find overnight buses from Bangalore. The nearest railway station is Hospet, which is 13 km away from Hampi. You can take a local bus or book a taxi to reach Hampi. 

Best time to visit Hampi

Hampi can be visited all round the year, only summers can be a bit too harsh. While monsoon the place looks as if it’s covered in a green blanket.

Things to do in Hampi

1. Visit the famous Virupaksha temple.

2. Wander around the paddy fields.

3. Bathe the elephants and take their blessings.

4. Hike to the Matanga hill

5. Climb the ain’t boulders of Hampi and try bouldering.

6. Try out cliff jumping.

The trekking enthusiastic sister
Raksha Bandhan

If your sister loves trekking, there is no better option than the famous Valley of flowers. You can arrange for her to participate in a group trek. I am sure she will love it.

How to reach Valley of Flowers?

The nearest airport is Dehradun Airport, 295 km away and the nearest railway station is Rishikesh, 275 km away. By road you have to reach Govindghat, from there it is a trek of 13 km. It takes 4 to 8 hours to reach on an average.

Best time to visit Valley of Flowers

July to mid-Aug is the best time to do this trek. The flowers are in full bloom during this time.

Things to carry for Valley of Flowers trek

1. Light woolens as it can get cold in mornings and night.

2. Sunglasses and gloves are a must.

3. Definitely take a camera, power banks, and selfie sticks.

4. Pack minimal clothing as required.

5. Trekking shoes should be of good quality.

6. Pack a torch, toiletries and medicines.

The beach bum sister
Raksha Bandhan

Andamans have the best beaches, white sand beaches in India. 

How to reach Andamans?

The nearest airport is Port Bliar airport. It is the fastest way to reach the island.If you wish to go by ship, you can go by ships from Kolkata, Chennai and Vizag. It takes around 60 to 70 hours to reach.

Best time to visit Andamans

The best time to visit Andamans would be from November to May. It is best to avoid monsoons, due to heavy rainfall and high tides.

Things to do in Andamans

1. Go for water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling.

2. Try different varieties of seafood’s platter.

3. See the light and sound show at cellular jail

4. Trek to saddle peak

The adventure taker sister

Ladakh would be your sister’s everlasting dream definitely. It is the paradise of adventures.

How to reach Ladakh?

The nearest airport is the Leh airport, just 4 to 5 km away from the Leh city. But instead of flying reaching Ladakh by road is the best way. You can do a complete circuit by starting from Manali and ending at Srinagar.

Best time to visit Ladakh

The best time would be from June to September if you are going by road. If you are flying in April to October would be the best time. Winters can be very harsh. It’s best to avoid them.

Things to do at Ladakh

1. Shop at the Leh market.

2. Take a dip in the Pangong Lake.

3. Have dinner in Ladakhi style.

4. Visit the magnetic hill and see the wonder of nature.

5. Immerse in the culture and traditions of the Monasteries.

The spiritual sister

If your sister plays by the rules and is the good daughter, example setter of your home, its better to plan something spiritual for her, like Kedarnath.

How to reach Kedarnath?

The nearest airport is Dehradun airport. It is around 238 km from Gaurikund, the base of the trek. The nearest railway station is Rishikesh. It is around 218km from Gaurikund. Gaurikund is the base of the trek to Kedarnath temple. It is around 14km trek.

Best time to visit Kedarnath

The best time to visit Kedarnath is from May to November. The temple is closed between 3 to 5 pm.

Pointers for your trip to Kedarnath

 1.  Wear woollens and warmers, the weather can be unpredictable.

2. Carry raincoats and umbrellas, it may rain anytime.

3. Opt for helicopter rides if you are not sure that you can do the trek.

The peaceful nerdy sister

Yercaud is an unexplored and offbeat hill station of Tamil Nadu. People who want to just breathe nature in and enjoy the vacation away from the crowd should go here.

How to reach Yercaud?

The nearest airport to Yercaud with the best accessibility is Bangalore airport. It is 230 km away. You can take a taxi or bus to reach this hill station.

The nearest railway station is Salem. It is 35km away from Salem. Local buses ply on this road with good frequency.

Best time to visit Yercaud

The best time to visit Yercaud is from October to March when the temperature is cool, even monsoons is a good time if you love little showers of rain. Two days is enough for sightseeing.

Things to do in Yercaud

1. Explore the natural beauty of the hill station.

2. See how silk is produced and woven.

3.Indulge in boating at the Yercaud Lake.

4.Anna park is a must go place for kids.

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I hope this list helps you to decide a good trip for your sister. Feel free to reach out in comments section if you need any help in planning.

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