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It is our duty as a traveler to protect the environment, no one understands its importance better than us. May it be the calm soothing beaches or the fierce cold mountains, it is our responsibility to keep its beauty and charm intact for the next traveler. 

Protecting the environment isn’t just for us but also our future generations. Imagine taking your kid to a place that you loved as a child, how would you feel when you find it in ruins?

Whether you are planning your vacation to a beach or a hill station or just a big city, learn these hacks to become a responsible ecotourist.

The hacks

1.       Avoid the use of plastics. It is the most important point to remember which can be always followed. Stick to paper bags and use reusable things like water bottles and shopping bags.

2.       Try to avoid cramming luggage bags, pack lightly. Excess luggage weight decreases fuel efficiency of airplanes. Hence causing more carbon emissions.

3.       Treat the hotel room as your home. Switch off lights and fans when not required. Don’t ask for unnecessary towels and bedsheets. Don’t just keep ordering food because it’s free, eat all you order.

4.       Avoid flying with airplanes unless absolutely necessary. Use public transport wherever possible.  

5.       Don’t litter and throw wastes all around. Always use dustbins. If you see someone throwing garbage on roads request them to use the dustbins.

6.       The sanitary wastes like cotton buds, toilet paper should be disposed of properly. They should not be just dumped in the toilets.

7.       You can try eco-tourism vacation options. Many travel companies provide such tour options. Also, you can stay at an eco-hotel, close to Mother Nature nurturing and protecting it.

8.       Don’t buy products made from endangered animals body parts like teeth, hides, etc. Don’t tease the animals in the zoo. When traveling through reserve forest areas stick to the designated paths and don’t disturb the animals.

9.       Travel in groups to reduce fuel consumption. It will also be pocket-friendly for you. You will also get a chance to interact with different people and learn their opinions about the places, their culture, and traditions.

10.   Be adventurous and travel to unexplored places and the common tourist places are blooming with tourists. Give the place time to heal itself.

11.   Avoid smoking in public places and also don’t throw the unburnt buds everywhere. It is not just harmful to you but also everyone else.


I hope you found the above information useful and easy to follow. Each of us has a duty to the environment and we should never step back. Feel free to share your views and any more tips that I missed in the comments below.

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