One day trip to Matheran | Weekend getaway

Best places to visit and things to do in Matheran on a short weekend. 

Matheran is one of the cheapest weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune. The hill station becomes one of the most breathtaking places in monsoons, covered with greenery and small waterfalls. It is the perfect place for a one day trip.

Best time to visit Matheran is from October to February when the weather is pleasant. It is the best time for trekking and sightseeing. But if you are a monsoon lover then June to September is the best time. One day trip to Matheran in monsoons will feel like you are some wherein clouds floating.

How to reach Matheran
The nearest railway station is Neral which is 21km from Matheran. 
From Mumbai – One can reach Neral easily by taking local trains going to Khopoli and Karjat.
From Pune – Express trains like Sahyadri express, Sinhagad express take 3 hours to reach Neral.
There are toy trains available from Neral to Matheran, online booking can be done through IRCTC and shared cabs are also available for just 50 bucks.

Things to do in Matheran
You can have a short one day trip, go for local sightseeing, do a trek, take a ride on a horse, just enjoy in the toy train or you can stay overnight and roam around on foot in the middle of the night, feel ghostly chills or freak out in the darkness.

Pointers for your trip

  1. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, you have to walk a lot as vehicles are not allowed inside the hill station.
  2. Don’t carry food in hands as there is danger of monkeys snatching it.

My travelogue

We took morning local train at 8.10 am from Thane and reached Neral by 9.15 am and then we took the shared cabs available from Neral to go up to Matheran.

So finally after reaching the cozy little hill station we had to visit all points on foot, that’s the beauty of this place there are absolutely no vehicles allowed, the air is fresh and unpolluted. There is no noise of honking of horns or busy traffic.

We started the long journey ahead of us by energizing ourselves with freshly burnt corn and warm maggie. The place has barely any internet so follow the signs, crowds, ask around people about the spots and trust your gut.

First, we went to Louisa point relaxed for a while and enjoyed the view.

One day trip to Matheran
Alexanders View Point

And then the Alexanders point. There were no proper restaurants just small stalls to have lunch.

The place felt like the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. We were in the midst of the jungle and the clouds walking beside us and it started to rain. Luckily we had umbrellas with us.

One day trip to Matheran
One Tree hill View Point
One day trip to Matheran
Charlotte Lake

We went to One tree hill point and there was really just one tree on top of the hill. It was less crowded there so we sat and enjoyed the beauty of the hills. We also saw the Charlotte Lake.

On our way back we saw the Neral Matheran toy train and took a shared cab back. We were very tired of walking the whole day but the place in monsoons was worth it.

If you are someone who enjoys monsoons, the feeling of clouds touching your skin, water drops flowing down your face this is the place to go. Instead of hearing the sound of vehicles you can hear the birds and insects chirping and the air is as fresh as it can get. It’s one of the cheapest weekend getaways in Mumbai, you can do a one day trip in just Rs 700.



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