Monsoons Travel Guide | Dos and Don’ts While Traveling in Monsoon.


If I were a season I would want to be the beautiful Monsoons. Being from a tropical country like India, we eagerly wait for the Monsoons to come to give us relief from the heat and the scorching sun. The sound of the rains on my roof, the feeling of mud under my toes, the raindrops touching my face and making a paper boat to sail in the nearby stream are something I look forward to every year.

From June and July, the monsoons touch India and the earth lays a green carpet around itself.

Every place becomes heaven on earth, the cool breeze flowing through the trees, the rains lashing down the streets, children playing with mud, it all seemed like a dreamland.


More than 50% of people love monsoons and plan trips during that time, so I have made pointers for you to help you plan your trip and enjoy it to the fullest even in the rains.

  1. Always check the weather before leaving for a place. If possible book flights with free cancellations. Road trips can be amazing during this time but make sure that your tyres are anti-slip traction tyres. Also if you are not confident about driving in heavy rains, it’s better to hire a driver.
  2. Pack raincoats, umbrellas, ponchos, rain covers and slippers too. Keep some plastic bags handy to separate the wet clothes from the fresh one. But don’t litter plastics anywhere, be a responsible traveller. Pack synthetic clothes as they dry quickly. Also having a hairdryer can come handy at such times.
  3. Expect delays on the road. So keep food and water handy. Only drink boiled and packed water, avoid drinking water at small hotels and shacks. Avoid eating street foods. Pack some books to keep you company on the road.
  4. M for monsoon and also mosquitoes so carry mosquito repellent, ointments or nets. Stay away from unclean areas or waterlogged places.
  5. Park your vehicle in tough ground places. During monsoons, the ground has a tendency to get damp and hence your vehicle can get stuck in the mud.
  6. Carrying a first aid box is a must. Also, some common cold medicines, cough syrup and tablets for indigestion or fever can come in handy.
  7. Cover all your electronics like camera, phones, chargers, batteries, headphones etc in waterproof bags.
  8. Wear sandals and floaters mostly. Due to rain roads may get slippery and expensive leather will get ruined.
  9. If you are going on a beach vacation, make sure not to go deep into the sea even if you are a good swimmer. The water level remains high during these times. Better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Keep your power bank fully charged. Stay updated with the weather forecast. Stay alert.

Follow these tips and I am sure you will have a good and safe trip. If you have any other points do mention in the comment section, I will update them here.

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