House Boat Alappuzha and Srinagar House Boat | Brief Description and Experience Comparison

House Boats
HouseBoat in Alappuzha(Alleppey) and Srinagar, Brief description of each houseboat and the difference between them.

Staying in a hotel room, watching the same mountains or beach sounds mundane doesn’t it so why not try living in a Houseboat. The feeling of sleeping under the stars and floating on water does give the heart a slight chill, having the sun deck entirely to oneself and watching the sunrise up and set down with your loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic is tempting as hell.

In India, there are two famous destinations to enjoy Houseboat experience one at Backwaters of Kerala and the other Dal lake of Srinagar.

Houseboats are as comfortable as hotels having all facilities like furnished rooms, hygienic bathrooms and also give the vibe of a homestay as they have dining halls, cozy living rooms and even the deck as the balcony.

Houseboat of Kerala
Backwaters of Kerala
House Boat of Kerala
Sunset in Backwaters
The sunset
The interior of House Boat
The dining hall

In earlier times these Houseboats basically called Kettuvallams were used as a mode of transport which has been now remodeled into luxurious homes having all basic amenities for vacationing purpose. The boats are made of wooden planks held together by coconut fibers and the roofs are made of palm leaves hence the boats give a very traditional look and feel.

Most of the houseboats are found in Alappuzha and Kumarakom. Cruising through the narrow canals in the canopy of the palm trees, watching the fishermen put there net to catch fish and the locals going on with their life is a very different experience. The locals use these small boats for reaching to the mainland like we use bikes for transportation.

The caretaker prepares food for you in traditional Kerala style and serves in banana leaves. When the boat reaches the middle of the lake you have this feeling of priceless joy and beauty and you get the satisfaction of that the money you paid was worth it.

You can read the soulful experience and guide of Rachel from hippie-inheels and plan your next trip to live in the House Boats of Kerala.

Houseboat of Srinagar
House Boat of Srinagar
House boat in Srinagar P.C Anarkali House Boat
P.C Anarkali House Boat
The interior of House Boat
P.C Anarkali House Boat
P.C Anarkali House Boat
P.C Anarkali House Boat

Some houseboats were built in the 1990s and are still rented out to the tourists. The houseboats are made of wood and the carvings are very delicate and profound. The houseboats have all basic amenities along with the floor covered with Kashmiri rugs and carpet.

The wooden artwork shows the artistic capabilities of the Kashmiris, the beautiful chandelier with the small verandah to just sit and relax with your loved one after the wonderful Shikara ride are something to look forward to.

While sunset the beauty of the place grows, even more, the sky is painted into many colors and it feels like the world is huge canvass and we are just a part of the painting. You also get to see floating markets and try on Kashmiri costumes and click photos.

You can read the very detailed amazingly written experience of Lakshmi Sharath and get inspired to plan your next trip to Srinagar.

Differences of Houseboat in Srinagar and Alappuzha

 The major difference is Kashmiri boats are stationary at one place but the boats in Alappuzha cruise through the backwaters and letting one enjoy the beauty of the place.

The houseboats at Dal lake are very crowded but the ones in Alapuzzha are not every boat has its own parking space mostly near the owner’s house.

There are no major shopping options in Alapuzzha but in Srinagar, you can find the famous floating market, where you can find from vegetables and fruits to jewelry and paper mache items.

In a comparison of price houseboats of Srinagar are cheaper than that of Alappuzha.


One can never truly compare between Gods own country and Paradise on Earth. So each place has its own culture and traditions to offer, local cuisines to be tried. It’s strange how being the farthest points of India they still have the same uniqueness.

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