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Who says Ice cream is supposed to be just a dessert? Seeing this place made me realize it can be so much more, its laughter for a crying child and soothing for a troubled mind. Guavaz Bhubaneswar is a branch of the Guavaz franchise started in 2012. They have various outlets throughout India. Their first outlet was in Dehradun.

First Impression:
Guavaz Bhubaneswar

The place is very well maintained, clean and neat with a lot of space. The ambiance is very colorful with very beautiful quotations about ice cream all around. The decor situated for all type of customers. From toys for kids to take selfies for a group of friends or just a couple wanting to spend some time in a cozy sofa, the place has it all.

I recently visited this place with my friends. Our host was very warm and welcoming. We were directly going to choose from the menu. But then he offered us to taste various flavors of the ice creams before placing the order. He also gave us an introduction to their shop and how their ice creams are completely natural.

The Menu:

The menu itself was eye-catching written in the shape of a smoothie. There were two types of flavor regular and premium. Regular included mostly the fruit kinds of flavor and the premium flavors were of almond and nuts.

First, we tried a few ice creams of various flavors like cheeku, guava, mango, etc. Our host was very patient the whole time and let us taste almost more than half of the flavors. Finally, we ordered a scoop of guava in a cone, roasted almond and cheeku together and fruit sensation.


The service was first and they asked us if we wanted in cone or cup also. They were friendly and gave us the bill too without much delay.

The Ice Creams:

The Ice creams tasted as good as they looked. They were not too sweet and they felt natural, some ice creams feel like eating ice but it was good. When you crave for fruits and you can’t buy some you can always have these ice creams.

Must try:

These ice creams must be tried

  1. Fruit sensational
  2. Guava with Chilli
  3. Cheeku
  4. Roasted Almond
Location of Guavaz Bhubaneswar:

Shop No-1,Plot No-3, DL Complex,Infocity Road,Patia,In front of Hotel Suraj (0.97 km)
Bhubaneswar, India

Timing and Contact information of Guavaz Bhubaneswar:

Timings: 10 am – 9.30 pm

Phone number: 9000477113


It is a great place to hang out with friends and the location is also good. The ice creams are one of a kind and mouth-watering. I plan to visit again with my friends and try the smoothies the next time. Try out this amazing this place to escape from the summers of Bhubaneswar and I am sure you will never regret this decision.

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3 thoughts on “Guavaz Bhubaneswar| Review | Ice Cream Lover”

  1. Very nice place to chill with ice cream with natural flavour…..1st time at bhubaneswar….Felt very happy to have Guavaz….

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