Ganesh Chaturthi of Mumbai: Best Ganesh Puja Pandals

Ganesh Chaturthi of Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the best places to enjoy and celebrate the birth of elephant-headed God Ganesha.  Ganesh Chaturthi of Mumbai is world-famous.

Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayak Chaturthi falls in the month of August or September. It is one of the most famous festivals in Maharashtra. The whole city of Mumbai is beautifully decorated with lights and flowers, the streets swarming with people saying Ganpati Bappa Moriya!!!!

Ganesh Chaturthi of Mumbai draws people from all over India. Many tour operators provide special tours of Ganesh Chaturthi of Mumbai. You can check out Ganesh festival tours

Lalbaugcha Raja
Ganesh Chaturthi of Mumbai

Lalbaugcha Raja means the king of Lalbaug. It is one of the oldest pandals of Mumbai, established in 1935. It is the most famous Ganesh statue of Maharashtra. People believe that if you visit this temple, all your wishes get fulfilled. Around 1.5 million people come to pray here over a period of 10 days. The Kambli family, of the Kambli arts, have been making the Ganesh statue since 1935. The statue is also patent protected.

There are two lines to see the idol, one is the general Mukha Darshan line and another is the Navas Charan Sparsh Darshan line. The second line is especially for those who want to make a wish to get their vows fulfilled. They get to touch the feet of the idol.

Location: Putlabai Chawl, next to Lalbaug Police Station in Lalbaug market (central Mumbai).

Nearest Railway Station: Lower Parel Station on the Western Line and Curry Road Station on Central Line for the Navas Darshan. Chinchpokali, Byculla, or Cotton Green station for the Mukh Darshan.

Ganesh Galli Mumbaicha Raja

This Ganesh pandal is located just a couple of lanes away from Lalbaugcha Raja. It is also very popular and draws a lot of crowds. People come here to pay respects to Lord Ganesha in the hope that Ganesha will always protect them from evil and bring success and happiness to their household.

This pandal was made by the mill workers in 1928.

Location: Ganesh Galli (Lane), Lalbaug (central Mumbai)

Nearest Railway Station: Chinchpokli, Curry Road, and Lower Parel railway stations are close by.

Andhericha Raja
Ganesh Chaturthi of Mumbai

Andhericha Raja is the famous pandal of the suburbs of Mumbai. The pandal was established in 1966 by workers of Tata steels, Excel industries and Tobacco company. The statue of Ganesha is less exotic than the Lalbaugcha Raja but the belief of people in Ganesha makes this statue worth seeing.

Many small shops are set up near the pandal for people to indulge in various activities and enjoy the festivities.

Location: Veera Desai Road, Azad Nagar, Andheri West (western Mumbai suburbs)

Nearest Railway Station: Andheri

GSB Seva Mandal- Kings circle
Ganesh Chaturthi of Mumbai

It is one of the richest pandals in Mumbai. Every year Lord Ganesha is decorated with ornaments of gold and silver. People from all parts of the state come to visit this pandal. It is the only pandal where the rituals of the festivals are performed 24*7.

Location: Bhookailash Nagar Near Sion Fort, Sion East, Sion

Nearest Railway Station: For those who are on the Western Line, going to Dadar station is the best option. For those on the Central line, Matunga Road station is better.

Khetwadicha Ganraj

This pandal is famous for creating innovative Ganesh statues every year. The pandal was established in 1959.

In the year 2000, the pandal gained a lot of fame for creating the tallest Ganesh statue of 40 feet. While going to this pandal you can find Ganesh idol made by the locals in every lane.

Location: 12th Lane Kehetwadi, Girgaum (south Mumbai).

Nearest Railway Station: The nearest stations are Charni Road and Sandhurst Road.

Chinchpoklicha Raja

This pandal was created in 1920, ever since then thousands of people come to enjoy and pray here. Locally Ganesha here is called as Chintamani Ganpati.

Location: Near Chinchpokali railway station

Nearest railway station: Take a train to Chinchpokali Station and you can walk from there.

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