Experience the jail life at Heritage jail museum

Now you don’t have to commit a crime of doing a felony to live in a jail. This jail offers tourists a lifetime experience of staying one night in jail for just Rs 500. Heritage jail museum is also known as Sangareddy District Jail or Jail Museum is a 220-year-old colonial-era jail, now converted to a museum. Heritage jail museum was started in 1796 AD during Nizam rule by Salar Jung I.

How to reach Heritage Jail Museum?

It is located in Sangareddy, Telangana. It is around 70 km from Hyderabad. Regular buses ply costing just Rs 200. The nearest airport is Hyderabad airport and the nearest railway station is Shankarpalli, which is just 20 km away.

Best time to visit Heritage Jail Museum

The jail is open round the year for visitors. The museum remains open from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Contact of Heritage Jail Museum

Phone number- 04024576443

Live in jail for just Rs 500
heritage jail museum

To attract tourists, the jail started this offbeat experience. You pay Rs 500 and they give you a room in the jail for a night and three meals. The room is rectangular with one door, two windows, a bucket and an Indian style toilet. They also have lights and ceiling fans along with a mosquito net.

To have a completely authentic experience they don’t allow you to contact the rest of the world too. You would also be given a prison uniform and all your belongings are locked in a safe place. Nothing is allowed inside. The meal served is brought from the nearby Kandi jail i.e. upma, chapatti, rice and rasam.

Regulations for allowing people to stay in Jail
  1. If someone has consumed alcohol within 24 hours, then they are not allowed to stay.
  2. They check for signs of depression or suicidal tendencies.
  3. People with diabetes and hypertension are not allowed to stay.
  4. The department also checks in with family members that the visitor has not fled or is running away after committing a crime.
  5. The visitor has to also sign that they are doing it with their own will.

There are over two dozen of paintings in the corridor of the jail museum. The paintings depict the punishment given in ancient times to the criminals.

At night when you are staying, you can feel the complete darkness and silence around you. It becomes so dark that you can’t see your own body unless the moon is shining very brightly or it’s a full moon. You can learn about the hard life of the prisoners and feel their pain and suffering.

Features of the jail

The jail is made over three acres of land and in the style of the Golconda fort. The heritage jail has two wings, male and female. There are nine barracks in the mail wing and one in the female wing. The ration store, staff lunch room, gas room and washing rooms are in the female wing. The authorized accommodation was 90 male prisoners and 5 female prisoners.

History of the jail

For over two centuries the jail has housed prisoners. The supervisors were of Revenue, Judiciary, and Medical department. Till 1981, the jail was under the medical department. In 1981 the responsibility was given to Department Superintendent of the jails.


I hope the above information inspires to have your first jailbird experience. Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below. This is obviously a must experience for every curious wanderer.

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