Alappuzha beach and Houseboat & Backwaters of Kerala

Alappuzha beach

Alappuzha is one of the major tourist destinations of India. The Alappuzha Beach, Houseboat experience and Backwaters of Kerala are the popular attractions. It is also known as Venice of the East due to the Backwaters along with canals interlinking and the palm trees forming a canopy. The cruising through the backwaters with the sight of farmers plowing their paddy fields, locals collecting coconuts, fishermen preparing their nets can be witnessed during the ride.

The Alappuzha beach is famous for its annual Alappuzha beach festival and sand art festival. It also has a lighthouse near to it and it also offers a view of the Laccadive Sea.

How to reach Alappuzha

Alappuzha is around 60 km from Kochi. There are regular trains and buses plying from Ernakulam to Alappuzha and it will take about 1 hour. This is the cheapest way to reach Alappuzha. Alternately you can also book a cab to reach there.

Best time to visit Alappuzha

October to February is the best time to visit Alappuzha. The weather would be pleasant and you can enjoy also. Going in summers should be avoided as the temperature is very high. In monsoon, due to heavy rainfalls only people who love the rain should prefer to go. The Alappuzha beach can be visited all throughout the year.

Things to do in Alappuzha

Alappuzha has a large spice market where you can buy a variety of spices with reasonable rates. You can also buy souvenirs for your trip. If you travel in August and September then you can witness the traditional snake boat race. You can also go to Kuttanad which is known as The Rice Bowl of India and see the beautiful paddy cultivation. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is just 1 hour away and visiting it can be enthralling to see all the migratory birds from all over the world. Many beach activities like water scooters, speed boats, parasailing can also be done at Alappuzha beach.  

Local cuisines of Alappuzha

You must definitely try out the famous mouth-watering Alleppey fish curry and the local alcoholic beverage called Toddy. Also, try out south Indian cuisines like Ghee roast Dosa and Malayalee Parathas.

Shopping in Alappuzha

The main shopping street is Mullakkal street where you can buy a variety of spices, rugs etc.

Let the sailing begin

Alappuzha beach

We started early in the morning and boarded our train Gorakhpur Rapti Sagar SF express from Trivandrum 6.15 am and reached Alappuzha by 9 am. Our check-in time in the houseboat was 12 pm so we decided to go to the Alappuzha beach. It was still early in the morning so the beach was less crowded so we just sat around playing at the beach and made sandcastles. We also went to the lighthouse nearby.

Allapuzha beach House boat

We got into our houseboat at around 12 noon from one of the jetties. They greeted us and gave a warm welcome with refreshments. We were 9 people and we had booked a 3 bedroom deluxe boathouse from

The House Boat
Alappuzha beach

It was our first time staying in a boathouse so we went around and started exploring the boat and we were amazed it had everything. The hallway was so beautiful with shining mirrors, the huge dining table with flowers on top of it and the huge deck with the soft sofa was just amazing. The most exciting thing for me was the steering wheel I know it sounds absurd but from the time I saw Pirates of Caribbean I always wanted to be the captain of a ship.

The way the boat was made with nothing but wood, coconut ropes and palm trees it was wonderful and we also had our own cook to make us lunch, dinner, and breakfast. We were very excited to have Kerala style food as we had heard so much about it from our friends.

Finally came the much-awaited lunch and the fish fry was awesome, we couldn’t have enough of it. We were so happy that we even paid tips for the cook.

Ship set sail

After lunch, we started the sightseeing and our ship set sail. The boat cruised along the canals and the backwaters. We witnessed the truest form of the local life of Kerala. People were working on paddy fields, preparing their fishnets, collecting coconuts. These boats were also their means of transportation as we have bikes, it was their only way to reach the mainland.

The palm trees formed a canopy over our heads. Gradually we were sailing towards the lake and the serene backwaters stole our hearts. The sunset was starting and the blue sky was turning red and with the green land, the place just looked like a painting.

The floating night
Alapuzzha beach
The sunset

At around 6 pm the boat was docked. We went up and sat in the deck and had our evening tea. The cool breeze and the darkness beyond us and the feeling of floating and sleeping on the water just felt so different.

The dinner was served on the huge dining table and we got to try the famous Alleppey fish fry with egg curry and paratha. The food was even better than lunch.

After dinner, we went on the deck and the stars twinkling all around in the clear sky was a sight to always remember. The next day we requested our caretaker and again set sailing and it was even more pleasant. We could hear the birds chirping, clear sky with the children dressed in their uniforms. This reminded us of our school days and we started reminiscing about it.

We had Dosa and Uthappam for breakfast and we went ahead for our return journey to Trivandrum.


We were 9 people and it cost us around 3000 per person and the price of houseboat may seem high but if you go in a large group it gets divided. For couples, it would be a very nice honeymoon trip or even an anniversary trip to spark up there love life. We sure had a lot of fun and we enjoyed a lot. The place has a relaxing soothing vibe about it. You just sit and sulk on deck and you can feel the positivity of the place rubbing off on you.

 The Houseboat experience is a unique one and I guess everyone should opt for this at least once. I hope this article helps you to plan your trip and feel free to reach out if you have any queries.

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